About Us

Interestingly, there is nothing RIGHT or WRONG in a business. Everything is about alignment. Even achieving a simple goal in life requires alignment of multiple tasks with a plan. Business needs it even more. FocusProfit is a Business Planning Firm with focus on implementation. We work with some of the great companies, small & big, who believe in the value of growing a business with  planning  and systems. A typical business consists of following building blocks –


Higher the alignment in above building blocks of a business, higher is speed of growth and enhanced business results. Even the reverse is equally true. Wherever alignment is out in these building blocks, one is likely to lose precious resource and lose the business opportunity.

Many a times one keeps on trying new things to improve business performance but nothing much happens. The likely reason is that new things are not addressing the bottleneck in the system. When one addresses bottleneck in a business, the results on the business is direct and cost benefit is highest. With above perspective, we use our business planning expertise to identify bottlenecks in client organisation by assessing alignment of various building blocks.

Once bottleneck (s) is agreed, we find a way to address the same with a detailed action plan for implementation. With the agreed action plan, we handhold the client team to implement the change till the same is fully absorbed by client team. The initial process of checking business alignment and identifying bottleneck typically takes two weeks by us.


How are we different

Implementation ownership
Our delivery focus is implementation and not the reports. We take responsibility of implementing what we suggest and agree with clients.

Result linked consulting
We believe in result linked performance improvement. With this perspective a solution is only suggested for improvement when it is likely to remove a bottleneck and shall improve results

Sector neutral
We work with our business planning expertise, which is sector neutral and therefore do not carry any biases.
We have successfully completed client assignments across Sectors in 17 countries, of varying complexity for our Indian and overseas clients for many years. Based on our business planning expertise, we offer a portfolio of sector neutral consulting solutions.