Business Doctor

A business model is the foundation of any business and defines how it creates, delivers and captures value. Validating a business model answers a critical question “What Next”. It also answers how a business creates a sustainable competitive advantage, which is difficult to copy for others.

Business Doctor is a business model validation service which helps you identify immediate priorities (“What Next”), assess your business health or address any specific business challenges. Beneficial equally for new as well as running businesses, it is relevant at all stages of business including growing a business, achieving scale, assessing viability of new business idea, diversification including pitching to investors. Business Doctor answers critical “What Next” question and includes evaluation of the following –

Customer Segments
▸Customer segments, customer problems, need connect, why would customer buy, how big is target segment

Value Proposition
▸Range, price, quality differentiation, offering SWOT

Customer Relations
▸How is value proposition communicated to customers

Key Marketing activities
▸Channels of sales/distribution, activities for acquiring new customers, activities for business from existing customers

Key Operational Activities
▸Activities for operations and delivery, activities for customer retention

▸Key People & Accountability for key functions, partners & their motivators, funding, equipment, technology

Revenue stream
▸Revenue segments & Pricing

Cost structure
▸Variable & Fixed costs

▸Vulnerabilities, “What Next” conclusion

Business model validation is undertaken by us based on information shared by the client and does not include any market study. It is a stand alone service to validate client’s existing business model on AS IS basis and does not include any other advice. A business model validation report is delivered typically within two weeks, which helps clients take well informed next steps for their business. Based on client need, we also help clients co-create their Business models and develop business plans for raising investments and performance monitoring of their businesses.