Business Plan

We provides high quality business plans which aims at aligning the management team toward a common set of goals. These business plans provide a clear growth roadmap and are also used to approach investors. Our sector nuteral business planning expertise does not carry any biases and helps our clients take well informed decision about their business.

For Whom
For approaching an investor
For ongoing business for growth


A typical business plan covers following scope –

Executive Summary
Promoters Objective
▸Objective of the new venture
▸Core capability
▸Risk taking ability
Business Offering
▸Offering description
▸Key strategic choices – Type, range, price, quality and needs
▸Business Model
Market segments
▸Territory and market study
▸Market potential
▸Customer segments and buying behaviours
▸Growth drivers of the market
▸Competition and their comparative assessment
▸Likely market challenges
▸Marketing strategies
▸Location analysis
Regulatory requirements
▸Regulatory restrictions, if any, & requirements for the project
▸Subsidies & Incentive, if any
▸Capacity & offering mix
▸Delivery model choices
▸Infrastructure requirements
▸Organisation Structure
▸Technical requirements
▸Key Operational Assumptions
▸Raw Material
▸Human Capital
▸Others (Power, Fuel, Water, Others)
▸Operating risks
CAPAX Requirements
▸Unit description
▸Building & Civil Works
▸Equipment & Machinery
▸Project Engineering, Construction management & Know how
Financial Model
▸Project Cost
▸Means of Financing (The most Preferred Mix)
▸Profitability Statement (10 Years Explicit Forecast Period)
▸Balance Sheet & Cash flow Statements
▸Analysis of Returns & IRR Computation
▸Risks Profiling
▸Sensitivity Analysis
Implementation milestones


Time Taken

Generally we take about six to eight weeks depending upon size & complexity of business



Business plan report in word file including financial model in excel file