FocusProfit identify key bottlenecks in business to help achieve growth potential of the business.

What we do

FocusProfit, based on its number based expertise, helps you find answer to following two questions within 2 months
(1) what could be stopping your business profits and
(2) What to do specifically to bring these profits to your bank /books

FocusProfit understand profit and our expertise is sector neutral. FocusProfit is run by 3 passionate Chartered Accountants having over 100 man years of experience helping entrepreneurs make sense of their business

Problem we help solve

  • Preventive health check to avoid pitfalls
  • Business growth clarity and direction
  • Business model validation for value creation
  • Improve profitability
  • Enhance competitiveness
  • Optimise working capital
  • Enhance readiness to raise private equity or do strategic tie-ups
  • Genereally clue less why low profitability
  • Benchmarketing profitability against industry norms
  • High fixed affective profitability

FocusProfit Expertise

  • Diagnose a business to identify bottlenecks & opportunities
  • Business Model validation for a viable business
  • Business Planning
  • Measurement of financial and non-financial parameters
  • Business valuation to assess impact of profit improvement

Pre-mandate process

  • Enquiry form with a copy of last annual accounts to qualify for no obligation assessment to know potential to improve your business profits
  • Business study
  • Involving key people
  • FocusProfit assessment to know potential to improve your business profits
  • Engage FocusProfit incase you agree with FocusProfit assessment. We accept an assignment only after we are convinced that we can add significant value

Delivery Process

  • Study your business and financials in depth
  • Hypothesis of findings and suggested strategic initiatives
  • Validate hypothesis with AS IS, practicality, only essential initiatives vs. desirable initiatives with entrepreneur
  • Validate findings with Entrepreneur
  • FocusProfit Presentation with an action plan
  • Business Plan with impact on profit incorporating FocusProfit suggestions including Business valuation
  • Optional handholding for implementation guidance